By John Strednansky

During her ten-year absence from the American shores, Germany's still reigning metal queen Doro Pesch has not been idle. But all her work on such best selling albums as Machine II Machine or Angels Never Die (successes in Europe but criminally overlooked in the States) has now led to Doro's ultimate goal: To get her ready to take on mighty America once again! Now, her latest hard rocking masterpiece Calling The Wild has just been released on Koch Records in the States and it has set the stage for an aural assault last heard during her glorious Warlock days of the late eighties.

I know...this was supposed to be an interview and I was only given limited time with Doro (she is in big demand for interviews!), but we spend most of it catching up on old days, as we haven't seen each other since 1991. But talk eventually turned to the new album, the new band... the new beginning, and before too long it was the classic Doro I grew to know and love: an energized artist just glowing with exhilaration as she spoke of her work.

Doro has always been a bit special. Her looks were and are still stunning. Sure, she always looked cool, often decked out like a "metal chick" should be, but her golden locks and supple features never gave full indication of the astonishing power of her voice, a voice that so effortlessly belted out metal anthems like "All We Are" and the all-time classic "Unholy Love". Her latest, Calling the Wild is once again a showcase for this incredible voice. Just listen to her version of Billy Idol's "White Wedding" or the riff happy heaviness of "I Give My Blood".

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