DORO PESCH Returns! Page 3
By John Strednansky

And the fan base seems to be growing. Doro believes that the public is ready to completely close the door on grunge and other depressing music. "Heavy metal is picking up everywhere. You can feel it in the air! The clubs are again full of people wanting to hear metal. They are getting sick of seeing a bunch of guys in gray t-shirts looking at their feet. People want to see a show again, something outrageous with a lot of energy. I am also hearing from old friends again, like you, who I have lost track of. This is an exciting time, this will be huge!"

So who is in your band, Doro? "Well," she gloats, "there is bass player Nick Douglas who has been with me for teen years, would you believe that? Also, Joe Taylor (ex-Lita Ford) on guitar and Johnny Dee on drums." This is a potent nucleus for Doro's live plans, but the new album features a plethora of well-known guest musicians. As a matter of fact, it is practically a who's who of hard rock: Al Pitrelli (Megadeth, Savatage, Alice Cooper, Westworld), Slash (Snakepit, Guns 'n' Roses), Lemmy (Motorhead) and more...

"You know, I always wanted to play with Al," she exclaims. "He brought such a unique vibe to this record. I met him last year at a Savatage concert and things just fell into place. When I asked him to play, he just said, 'How about tomorrow morning?' Also, my engineer ran into a friend of his who was working with Slash. Slash was all over this song ("Now or never"). After some vodka for breakfast, he was ready to play the solo! It sounds so cool."

And Lemmy? "I was listening to older records in my collection to take my mind off things one day," Doro explains. "I actually still own a record player and I put on No Sleep At All by Motorhead. You know, there is a picture on the sleeve of Lemmy and me backstage and it was so cute! Boy, I looked so young! I send him a photocopy and a letter."

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