DORO PESCH Returns! Page 4
By John Strednansky

Following a quick phone call, the connection was made and Doro ended up recording "Love me forever" with Lemmy, Bob Kulik on guitar and Eric Singer on drums. The other track with Lemmy, "Alone Again" is an old, never before recorded Motorhead tune, one that features one key attraction, as Doro explains: "That's Lemmy playing the acoustic guitar! He wanted to do it electric first, but it is such a beautiful song, I suggested the acoustic and he picked one up and played! Wow...

Another highlight on Calling the Wild is the unlikely cover of the eighties hit "White wedding". Believe me, Billy Idol would be proud! Interestingly, doing covers is not something Doro does often. She's even been quoted as saying that she does not like to do them. But when you listen to her renditions of songs like "Chains are on" from last year's Dio tribute, or the now legendary "Whiter Shade of Pale" (Procol Harum) on 1990's Force Majeure, you can't help but admire her talents in giving these classics a new lease on life. "Ronnie Dio said that he really liked my version of the song when I met him recently," Doro tells with pride. (He is one of her personal heroes). "As a matter of fact," she continues, "we may be touring together later this year and we were even thinking about singing this song together on stage. Wouldn't that be great?"

So what does being successful mean for Doro? "I am always happy when my record comes out exactly the way I felt when I was writing and recording it," she points out repeatedly. "I want to make music without compromise, no weird ideas. That's the only way that I can be totally behind it and play my ass off! I want to cover the whole spectrum of my emotions. As far as Calling the Wild... I am so glad that it is out. I am so happy. Now I can focus on playing some more festivals and then the tour with Dio."

We can't wait!