By Bob Nalbandian

Rude Awakening

Who would have thought Rude Awakening would be the band's last testament? This DVD concert includes the best of the old and current Megadeth classics. 24 tunes in all with about 2 hours of live footage! I was fortunate enough to catch this "farewell" tour (although, at the time, the band didn't know this would be their "farewell") when the band played in Los Angeles, and I gotta say, this was definitely the best Megadeth set of songs I've yet to see the band play live! And I've seen them play live just about every tour since their very first show at the Waters Club in San Pedro opening for Exciter!

The filming is fairly well done, with a few cool camera angles but nothing too special. The disc also includes footage of the recording of The World Needs A Hero CD and the cover artwork was penned by Storm Thorgenson (of Hypnosis) who was responsible for some of the greatest album cover artwork in history, including Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, UFO, and Scorpions, to name just a few. Highlights include; "Wake Up Dead," "In My Darkest Hour," "Reckoning Day," "A Tout Le Monde," "Hangar 18," "Hook In Mouth," "Mechanix," "Symphony Of Destruction," and "Holy Wars." This is a must for every Megadeth fan!

25 & Alive: "Boneshaker" (DVD)

This classic performance of Motorhead's 25th anniversary show was filmed at the Brixton Academy in London on October 22, 2000. The concert itself is nearly two hours long and includes many of the classic, and a few semi-new, Motorhead tunes. This recorded concert also features special guest appearances from original M.H. guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke ("The Chase Is Better Than The Catch"), Doro Pesch and Whitfield Crane ("Born to Raise Hell") and the legendary Brian May, on the classic encore, "Overkill". Plus some bonus footage featuring interviews with the band and fellow musicians. Just a few of the classic metal highlights include; "We Are Motorhead," "Metropolis," "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch," "Dead Men Tell No Tales," "Damage Case," "Iron Fist," "Ace Of Spades," and of course, "Overkill."

The enclosed booklet also features some very cool liner notes written by Mick Wall, giving a brief history on the band. The camera angles are good, primarily sticking to the stage shots (showing a few gnarly close-ups of Lemmy's facial "volume knobs"!) and occasionally zooming in on the audience. The enthusiasm level by the fans is incredible. After personally witnessing several live Motorhead performances, I can see from watching this DVD that this was one of the best performances with the current lineup of Mickey Dee (drums) and Phil Campbell (guitars). It was smart on the label's behalf to film the 25th Anniversary show in Lemmy's hometown of England, the British still appreciate this band much more than America ever will. All around, this is a good collection for the real Motorheadbanger. And if you're new to the band, pull your head out of your ass and get turned on to the true meaning of metal!