By Erik Fong

You know his story.

SHOCKWAVES: Having experienced great success in both America and Japan, compare and contrast the American groupie to the Japanese groupie.
Marty Friedman: I think wherever you go, if they want to get you, they'll find a way. It doesn't really matter where you are. My particular type of girl is more of an Asian type, so I'm more enthusiastic around Asian females than others. But as far as countries go, everybody is pretty much the same. If they want to come and get you, they will, and if they don't want to give you the time of day, they'll do that too. [laughs]

SW: What's the furthest a groupie has gone to get to you?
MF: There was this one girl, she would come from all different parts of the country. She would fly in from where she lived, but here's the kicker: She'd come with her mom. Her mom would wait in the lobby of the hotel, and then when we were done, she'd go back with her mom.

SW: Well, that isn't disturbing at all.
MF: Yeah, I can't imagine what their conversations were before and after the trip - especially after the trip. "Mom, he did this, and then he did that, and I couldn't believe he did this!" She'd come to a lot of different spots in the middle of the country - I don't think I ever met her mother, but I know her mom was waiting for her. I don't get it, but I wasn't questioning it. The girl was really hot. I wasn't complaining at all.

SW: Of course. No sense in biting the hand that, well, does stuff to you. You used to live in San Francisco - how long did you live here?
MF: About four years.

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