MARTY FRIEDMAN Interview Page 2
By Erik Fong

SW: What's one of your favorite memories of living here?
MF: Hanging out with Jason Becker and playing guitar on the roof of my apartment downtown on Taylor Street and Geary. He used to come over and we'd go on the roof with practice amps and work out our songs and guitar parts and stuff.

SW: Speaking of Jason, tell me your favorite Jason Becker story.
MF: We were in Los Angeles, and Jason - he's the mellowest guy. He's even mellower than I am. He's totally casual - he'll never get angry or pissed off or anything. But one time [Cacophony had] driven all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It was a long drive and we were starting - not to get on each other's nerves or anything, but apparently it all came to a boil when we went to Fatburger on Ventura Blvd. and Lankershim. We went into Fatburger and everyone's waiting for their burgers, and Jason's came first. And our singer at the time, Peter Marrino, was just joking around and grabbed Jason's burger, and I guess that was the final straw, so Jason took an open carton of chocolate milk and threw it directly in Peter's face from about two feet away. Milk spilled all over him and all over the Fatburger restaurant, which was tiny, so it was like right in front of the people working there. Everybody who was there saw. And we did not expect that to come out of mild-mannered Jason at all. The rest of the band was laughing uncontrollably. That's the only time I've seen Jason get pissed off.

SW: Ah, memories. What's the status of Red Dye #2?
MF: It's pretty much defunct, except one of the songs may be used on the Playboy Channel. We have a song called "Shake That Hot Thing," and Playboy expressed an interest in releasing it on a video. I really loved that project. Everybody who's liked it just immediately got it, understood it and dug it. It's something very close to me, but who knows what will happen in the future.

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