MARTY FRIEDMAN Interview Page 4
By Erik Fong

SW: China.
MF: There's a very famous singer from China named Faye Wong. She sang the title theme to Final Fantasy. She's a major star in China and a pretty big star in Japan too. Great pop singer with some great ballads.

SW: Brazil.
MF: You stumped me. I've got a buddy who plays guitar down there, but I don't know what his music sounds like so I'm afraid to recommend it.

SW: Korea.
MF: My favorite singer in Korea is Yang Soo Kyung. She has some pop songs, but her ballads just make you want to start crying. They're gorgeous.

SW: India.
MF: When I was really into practicing interesting stuff on guitar, I started listening to Ravi Shankar, the sitar player. And I think every guitar player should at least learn a little bit of his music.

SW: Sweden.
MF: Well, you've gotta love ABBA, but there's a great band called Surfer Rosa, and I think they're either from Sweden or Norway, but they absolutely rule.

SW: Greece.
MF: Don't really know of any stuff there. All I remember is [Megadeth] played a festival there and the catering was in the bathroom, and there was a bucket of sandwiches next to the urinal. I'll never forget that. But that aside, the people were extremely nice. And the music seems very difficult to play.

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