HAMMERFALL Interview Page 5
By John Strednansky

Metal, especially European bands, seem to gain on popularity with every passing day. Sweden in particular has a glorious hard rock history, from the seventies old schoolers like November to the eighties legends Torch and Candlemass... can the New wave of New Swedish metal be far behind? "It's certainly happening," smiles Oscar, "but I am not sure if you can call us responsible. But metal was at an all time low when our debut album came out, now we are doing really well. Renegade is on the charts, the video has made it to number one over the Spice Girls, it just shows that the fans want to hear and see this type of music again. More important than what we may have done is the fact that record labels are opening their eyes to metal once again."

The future for Hammerfall looks bright indeed. They seem to be a classic band with the rare characteristic where they are the sum of many parts, making a formidable mix. The latest addition to this is new drummer Anders Johansson, formerly of Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force and legendary Swedish rockers Silver Mountain.

"Anders has added the stability to the rhythm section," says Oscar with a grin. "Our bassist Magnus has known Anders for many years and this has helped the whole band. They play well together so well. To have a good rhythm section is invaluable to a metal band. They keep the live feeling in our music; we don't use any triggers, no machines. Also, he is a very funny guy. We've heard so much about him and it's great that he's now with us!"

With a tour being planned for March or April of 2001, the US will soon be able to check out Hammerfall in full glory, so don't hesitate and come join the Templars of Steel on their latest conquest... America!