HIRAX Interview Page 2
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: I heard HIRAX was releasing a live video/DVD called "Thrash Till Death", when will it be available to the public?
KD: The DVD/video, "Thrash Till Death" should be out at the beginning of 2004 and available worldwide. At this moment, we are still discussing the release with a few different labels. The footage is from two shows...a festival and club show in Germany. It features high quality, audio/video digital footage. For more information contact Black Devil Records at: eldiablo@blackDevilrecords.com

SW: What about the new CD you are recording? How will it differ from the last CD "Barrage Of Noise"?
KD: Since 2000 we have recorded the 3-song EP, "El Diablo Negro" and the mini LP, "Barrage of Noise" which are still selling very well. The recording of the new CD/Album, "The New Age of Terror" is finished and we will complete the final mixing/mastering process next week, the beginning of 2004. It should be released by February. It will feature 11 songs total, around 40 minutes worth of music. This is our best material to date! HEAVIER than any other record we've done, with a more recognizable sound and more technical influence. There is actually a bit of a concept to the record...people will notice once they hear it. This record is definitely a product of the times. We've stuck to our roots and still manage to rip the listener's face off with REAL HEAVY METAL!

SW: I remember first meeting you outside a rock club in Anaheim called Radio City back in '81, you were hanging out with a group of metalheads including James Hetfield, just about the time Metallica was forming. I believe you were singing for the band LA Kaos at the time. The fact is, many people may not know that you were one of the pioneers of thrash-metal here in the US - amongst bands like Metallica, Slayer, Exodus etc. Tell the readers what the metal scene was like in those days...
KD: It was and still is a very close family. We all collected heavy metal records, fanzines and magazines. I feel very fortunate to be a part of it. All of those guys like James Hetfield from Metallica, still mean a lot to me. I don't talk to him much anymore...but I still have respect for him as a good human being. I have respect for Kerry King from Slayer because he is still putting out heavy music. Exodus are my metal brothers. A guy that I never gave enough credit to for trying to help out HIRAX in the early days was Dave Mustaine from Megadeth. He always tried to help us out. If we wouldn't have been so self-destructive back in those days, we probably would have listened to him. I hope he's doing well. I miss his contribution to the heavy metal music scene. If he decides to come back anytime soon...we will support him 100%. All of these guys that I have just mentioned...are good friends in one way or another.

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