HIRAX Interview Page 5
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: What are your thoughts on the current metal scene. And do you feel there is still a strong underground metal scene?
KD: What's cool about the underground scene is that it still exists and will continue to exist no matter what trends come and go. I don't really think about the current metal scene...or the new metal (or nu-metal) scene because that stuff is too wimpy for me. None of those bands are doing anything original. I would rather listen to Yngwie Malmsteen, Mercyful Fate, Uli Roth or Venom. At least those bands had balls and weren't worried about selling records to the corporate masses.

SW: I agree 100 percent. In closing...what are the future goals for Hirax and Black Devil Music?
KD: The future for HIRAX and Black Devil Records looks exceptionally great! We are stronger now than we were when we started in 2000. It's only been 4 years and people are really starting to catch on to what we do. If they want REAL METAL then we are the people to come to. After we release the new HIRAX record, we plan to tour a lot! We really appreciate the support of the fans that we have worldwide and the HIRAX army/legions continues to grow! For more information please can contact us on the web at: www.BlackDevilRecords.com, or via mail at: HIRAX, PO Box 1474, Cypress, CA 90630, USA