Interview with ANDERS JOHANSSON Page 4
by Fredrik Hjelm

FH: Wasn't he supposed to fly the plane!?

Anders: Of course, but when he heard all the turmoil and fighting going on, he came out and yelled; "What the hell is going on, on my ship" and after that he joined in the brawl and just happened to grab me. So I got really pissed and thought to myself "Get away from me, f**ker" and it was after that I put him on the floor. Hey - he grabbed me first! At one point two people were holding Yngwie, to try to calm him down. It was one bodyguard there with us, and one really big sound engineer but, I mean almost 45 minutes went by and Yngwie was just as pissed as he was when they first started holding him down! Meanwhile, my brother had taken off all his clothes and was running around naked on the plane, leaving little red pubic hairs all over the carpet as the Japanese staff attempted to put several kimonos on him to cover him up. He didn't want that so he just ripped them to shreds when they tried. Eventually, I got myself together and I tried to talk to Yngwie and I said; "Hey Yngwie, you can't kill people. It's, like, not allowed! He was just screaming "Kill, kill, kill" in Swedish as they were holding him down, so I didn't know what else to tell him. But eventually we calmed him down by evolving on an idea. We said "sure, that lady poured water on us, but how about you piss in that pitcher and pour THAT on her? That'll be 2-1 to your favor" and Yngwie replied: "Hey, that's a great idea!" and so he did and ended the whole thing. She got the piss poured all over her. It went in her hair, in her mouth...everywhere. Strangely enough, that kind of put the end to the whole thing and the other passengers and the staff surrendered. The staff, especially, were really scared since and I don't think they had ever experienced anything like that!

FH: Do you think they saw it as a "terrorist act"? (laughing)

Anders: It was such a long time ago that the plane-staff weren't really used to terrorist acts or even threats. It was before the Lockerbie bombing, even, so I don't think they were very prepared for anything out of the ordinary. There were talks about turning the airplane around to go back to Alaska, at one point when all of this went down. However passengers who weren't involved in the turmoil complained about this and the pilot decided to continue to Tokyo. But when we eventually got to Tokyo, there were cops everywhere at the airport waiting for us. We went one by one, though, so since they were expecting a whole band of longhaired guys, we slid under the radar and got out of the airport without being arrested. I remember the cops staring us down, though, and that they were looking real hard at me when I passed them. Really strange they didn't put two and two together just because we weren't walking next to each other. I was lucky though, because it was such chaos and I don't think they knew who did what, afterwards. I did have a camcorder going most of the fight, though, so if you look for it on the Internet it's there somewhere.

FH: You're mainly talking about yourself, your brother Jens, and Yngwie who caused most this turmoil. What was Joe Lynn Turner doing when you were fighting the other passengers and airplane staff?

Anders: He was just trying to wring out his clothes that were soaked from water by the pitcher-attack by that woman. He was more or less staying out of it, I think.

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