Interview with ANDERS JOHANSSON Page 6
by Fredrik Hjelm

FH: Did Yngwie agree on that?

Anders: He thought Jonas was good, but a little sloppy - that's what he said anyway. But I mean, Yngwie is an unreal guitar player, so he's very into little details in other guitar players' performance and I guess he found flaws in Jonas' playing.

FH: Let's talk about Hammerfall. You joined the band in 1999?

Anders: Yeah that's right.

FH: How active is your part in the band?

Anders: In reality, I'm just the drummer and being in Hammerfall is totally different from other bands and projects I've been in. The guys in the band are very much regular guys and sometimes they'll call about all kinds of weird stuff they want me in on, like going with them on the ferry that sails between Sweden and Finland to sit-up by the D.J.?! What the hell is that all about? I mean, everyone's very much down-to-earth and we participate in a lot of down-to-earth type of projects. It doesn't really have anything to do with the music, that's just how they are.

FH: So, in that case and speaking of the rock'n'roll partying lifestyle we were talking about earlier- don't you ever get the urge to ask the boys in Hammerfall to crank it up a few notches and just go bananas like a true "rock star"?

Anders: Sometimes, maybe, but they do drink, I mean they're very typical Swedish and stick to booze, and that's it

FH: How come you don't write any music for Hammerfall?

Anders: Well, two of the other guys write all the music and I don't think I'm being excluded for the hell of it - they just don't like what other musicians write, as far as Hammerfall is concerned. They're just not that interested in any new sounds and I think it would sound quite different if I would be writing for the band too.

FH: Would you like to get in on the songwriting?

Anders: Of course - you get paid a lot of money for that!

FH: But do you think you could contribute any relevant artistic input for Hammerfall's specific sound, considering all your other influences from other bands as well as fusion music?

Anders: It would probably be a little weird to let me in on it because I would re-arrange things a little. But, sure - I'm sure I would be able to contribute. All Hammerfall tunes aren't truly fantastic. But of course, why fix it if it's not broken?

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