Interview with K.K. Downing Page 1
By Bob Nalbandian & Fredrik Hjelm

BN: This actually marks the 20th anniversary for Screaming For Vengeance...I still remember the day that album was released and it blows my mind to think that was 20 years ago! It still sounds so current today and is much more powerful than most the new metal releases you hear nowadays...

KK: Yeah, I only found that out today. Have you heard the re-masters yet? There's twelve albums altogether that were re-mastered [the entire Sony catalog]. Screaming... in particular sounds really good. Obviously, the better the albums were produced originally, the better the re-masters sound.

BN: The Legacy/Sony re-masters include bonus tracks, both live cuts and previously unreleased studio cuts. Were the bonus studio tracks recorded during the era of the CD they appear on? For instance, the track "Fire Burns Below," was that from the original Stained Class sessions?

KK: Not necessarily, but we tried to get it as close as we could. Obviously, some of the songs were from the same session, and some sessions may have had three or four previously unreleased tracks so we spread them out between the albums. So, I wouldn't categorically say they were all from the exact session, but many of them were. And some it was very difficult to remember exactly what session they were from.

BN: One track in particular, "Fight For Your Life," which appears on the Hell Bent For Leather re-master, obviously sounds like "Rock Hard, Ride Free" from the Defenders Of the Faith album. Was that the original/demo version?

KK: Exactly. It was like a prototype, but we later changed it, mainly the lyrics and chorus. But we felt that it was kind of valid in a way, because a lot of fans didn't just wanted to hear stuff that hadn't been released. And that track in particular obviously later turned out to be "Rock Hard, Ride Free." And we thought it might be of interest to the fans...or maybe not. But there is a lot of different instrumentation on that track. And the lyrics...Fight for your life, Fight for your can see why we changed it! (Laughs.) But we didn't care. We dug out all the last stuff we can find with Rob on it, so now everybody has everything that is available on Priest.

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