K.K. Downing Interview Page 3
By Bob Nalbandian & Fredrik Hjelm

BN: Yes, great band...I believe they are from Seattle. Speaking of the newer European metal bands, it's obvious to me that many of these bands, particularly those from Germany, are heavily influenced by Judas Priest. Bands like Primal Fear, and of course all the bands that have named themselves after Priest tunes: Sinner, Running Wild, Steeler, Rage...

KK: It's mad over there - they just love metal music over there. But, that's the type of stuff I would listen to.

BN: It's impressive to see that traditional metal style is still alive, and perhaps even more popular now than it was in the '80s, particularly in countries like Germany and Sweden.

KK: Definitely. Spain as well. It's very healthy all over Europe. Although, we've still yet to see a band emerge as a major contender, somebody that's going to threaten the Metallica's or the like. Metallica was probably the last metal band that could be considered as legendary, even after a few years. I guess we can sit around and wait to see if bands like Limp Bizkit or Slipknot are gonna become legendary bands. People talk to me about bands like that being "new metal" but I wouldn't necessarily categorize them as metal.

BN: It's definitely not the same as bands like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden...

KK: You would have to visualize them being on the same tour as like Scorpions, Dio, Ozzy, Judas Priest, and I can't see that being a compatible bill. They would bring in an entirely different audience.

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