K.K. Downing Interview Page 7
By Bob Nalbandian & Fredrik Hjelm

BN: This tour was actually postponed due to September 11th...

KK: That's what fucked us all up. When we released the album, we were ready to tour and do all the publicity and interviews to promote it and then everything stopped after September 11th. So were trying to pick up, really, where we didn't even start.

FH: You were actually scheduled to play here in LA a couple days after...I think on September 14th?

KK: That's right. We were just leaving our hotel in Mexico and our tour manager said "you guys aren't going anywhere, so put your bags down."

BN: I was just watching the Classic Album video series of British Steel that Eagle Eye media recently released. It was so interested to witness [a reenactment] of the making of British Steel, which obviously was a groundbreaking metal record. I never knew that album was recorded in Ringo Star's house, Startling Studios...How did that come about?

KK: It's quite bizarre, isn't it? It's probably not quite what people think, it actually used to be John Lennon's house. If you've seen the movie Imagine, that was shot at this house. It was a good location for us in England. What happened was John sold the house to Ringo, and Ringo wasn't living there anymore because he was like a tax exile so he had houses all over the world. I don't know what the deal was, and why they would have rented out a place like that to mad people like us! I mean, we used ride motorbikes around his garden, went fishing in his pool...in "Breaking the Law" we smashed all these milk bottles and beer bottles on his patio! You can't really replicate the sound of a smashing bottle so we just put the mike there and...smash! We had this great big wooden barrel of beer outside the garden. It was quite mad, really. I mean...I wouldn't have rented the house out to people like us!

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