LEGEND Interview Page 2
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: I think your latest CD, Still Screaming (Monster Records), is brilliant! Mike's vocals sound stronger and more passionate than ever before, and your guitar playing is flawless. Even the music and lyrics recapture everything that was so "classic" about LEGEND. How difficult was it preparing this new album, as far as the writing and recording process? Did everything fall into place or did it take several rehearsals to get back into the groove?
PH: I guess after such a long period of inactivity I had doubts as to whether the music would still be there but it was amazing how the songs just happened. The first few were a bit rough and they soon got shelved but once we got into the flow of writing and recording it was amazing how the material developed. None of it had to be forced, if we felt that a song wasn't working we would dump it and move on. With there being no pressure to even release a new record we were able to ensure that the quality wasn't compromised.

SW: Your lyrics have always been incredibly insightful. How do you generally approach your lyrics when writing songs?
PH: Writing lyrics is a strange process. I usually have to have some subject that has fired me up in order to create the need to write. Then the words just start to flow. Once the lyrics are written, usually in a prose style I then start to rearrange them to be suitable for the music. I often write the lyrics independently to the music, selecting a particular song that matches the mood of the words. The new album is the first where Mike has written some lyrics, "Born in Chaos" and "Maybe this Time". We are both passionate about similar issues so they fit in nicely with the rest of the lyrics.

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