LEGEND Interview Page 5
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: Did you associate much with or tour with other (more famous) NWOBHM bands? To me, Legend always seemed to be much more underground than most the other NWOBHM bands...
PH: Being based in Jersey we were unable to associate with any of the bands in the UK mainland - hence why we were more underground than most!

SW: Last year you released a double-CD, also on Monster Records, called Anthology which contains all your previous recordings [included in this masterpiece is the classic Legend debut ('81), Death In The Nursery ('82), the Frontline Ep ('82) as well as six unreleased demo tracks ('83) - A must buy for any metal fan!!]. Was it this CD collaboration that sparked interest in the band reuniting to record Still Screaming?
PH: Yes, for sure. It was during the production of our Anthology CD that I finally got back together with Mike. We initially wanted to just write a few demos together to see how it sounded. We were amazed when the music started to flow...Still Screaming is the result.

SW: How did you hook up with Monster Records out of Texas? One would think a UK label like the revised Neat or Heavy Metal Records would have shown interest rather than a label based out of Texas!
PH: Dennis from Monster had been a fan of the band for many years and one of his dreams was to release all the Legend material. He was so passionate about the band and the material it seemed only right that we should collaborate with him to release the records, despite the distance.

SW: Any plans to tour or release another CD? Or perhaps a Legend DVD/video?
PH: Yes for sure. We now have a full band back together. Me and Mike obviously, our original bass player Eggy Aubert, and two new guys; Sean Gregory on guitar and Dave Diggle on drums. We are currently in rehearsal to do some shows before the end of the year and plan to play Europe and maybe the US next year as well as start working on our fourth album. We would all like to release a sort of "Best of Legend" album, but rather than compile material from our original recordings or re-record the songs again in the studio, it's likely we will record some of the upcoming shows and release a compilation of live tracks. Most of our material has always been better live, heavier as well, so I'm looking forward to playing and recording songs like "Taste of Life", "Choices", "Hiroshima" in front of a crowd again. A DVD may also be in the offing, depends how the finances go.

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