David Wayne of METAL CHURCH Page 4
by Bob Nalbandian

SW: I remember a major breakthrough in Metal Church's career was when you first supported Metallica in Europe....

David: That Metallica tour lasted over a year and it was amazing. We played all over Europe, and I couldn't believe just how many places a band can play in Europe. And then we came back and did the States with them. All this unfortunately came on the tragic news of Cliff Burton's death. Anthrax originally had gone out with Metallica, only for about a week or so before the bus crash. It broke all of our hearts, I remember getting to know Cliff quite well....we used to chase girls together. He was really a sweet man and such an amazing bass player. We ended up doing Canada and Europe with Metallica on that tour, and that was a HUGE break for Metal Church.

SW: What is your view on the Internet, particularly online radio, and record companies that offer the downloading of music? Many bands are going this route...

David: I think that everybody better damn well get on board because there's no way to stop it! And I think that the record companies, up to this point, have been dragging their feet and it's nothing but sheer ignorance on their part. The record companies need to get in an be a part of this or they're gonna lose out, 'cause it's here to stay. We got a website you can check out at: www.metalchurch.com.

SW: It's good to see a lot of the great metal bands from the '80s reforming...Of course, you got Dickinson back with Maiden, Chris Holmes and Blackie together again in WASP, Armored Saint got together and just finished a new record, and Metal Church is now together again. It's a really good time for metal...

David: It's all coming back. And we have Europe to thank for it, honestly. They've held the torch so high, and now the light is shining over here.

SW: This new Metal Church record is out on Nuclear Blast... this indie label has been dominating the metal market in Europe over the past few years. I hear that Nuclear Blast may be re-issuing the old Metal Church catalog as well?

David: Yes, we're working on that right now. Also I have the new Reverend record coming out soon as well, and Nuclear Blast will have the first crack at that as well.

SW: I can't wait to get the re-issue of the debut Metal Church CD. I still think the open riff to the song Metal Church is one of the all-time heaviest riffs! And then, when your vocals come in... 'Many, many years ago on a distant shore!'...it still sends chills down my spine! One of the heaviest tunes ever!

David: Thanks Bob! I really look forward to hooking up with you in LA!