Dave Mustaine Interview Page 2
By Fredrik Hjelm

FH: "Crush 'em" was also the wrestler Goldberg's theme for a while.

DAVE MUSTAINE: Yeah, he used it for his return to the wrestling scene, after that he went back to his old theme. You know, sometimes corporate America is so rigid, and the fans don't want their idols to change. Especially in the WCW - the fans don't change either. They drive one type of car, they drink one kind of beer, they know a few sexual positions, and that's the way they want it! The feeling I got was "Hey, don't mess with my wrestler and his anthem!" I also really would wanna tell you of some of the emotions I went through regarding that, and what I feel about the narrow-mindedness that I experienced within that sport, but I don't want to alienate some of the people that are fans of that sport. Everybody's not like that, though, and they're the ones that made it really fun to be involved in that whole thing.

FH: Do you watch a lot of wrestling?

DAVE MUSTAINE: Not much, it's more hockey and Muay Thai/kickboxing for me.

FH: New record label, new management, and a new guitarist...Do you look at this as the rebirth of Megadeth or perhaps a reconstruction?

DAVE MUSTAINE: I look at it as both, actually. It's like as if someone owns an old, shitty house, and they knock out everything inside, except for one wall, and then they re-construct, re-decorate everything, versus just starting over again. Marty left the band and is now playing Elastica meets Garbage-type dance-techno music right now. I heard the CD and I could only listen to about 2 1/2 songs before I have to turn it off. Marty is a great person and a great guitar player but that kind of material is just something I'm not used to. The new label, Sanctuary Music, is really happening for us. They've taken care of us in a way that we just feel comfortable.

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