Dave Mustaine Interview Page 3
By Fredrik Hjelm

FH: "De-lousing" is another term you used to describe the re-construction of the band...

DAVE MUSTAINE: (Laughs) Yeah, well, I looked at that after I said it, and seeing it in print makes me realize that maybe it wasn't the proper terminology...

FH: It is kind of a strong word, isn't it?

DAVE MUSTAINE: Yeah, at the same time, a lot of people around the band were like lice. There were others involved in the band as well, though, and I don't want them to think that I disrespect them in any way. When it comes to someone like Mike Renault or Bud Prager, our former managers, for example; Mike and Bud are great people and great managers, but with Megadeth...it just didn't work. As far as the initial question about new management, new label and new guitar player, it's great. It's almost like coming out of a deep sleep.

FH: I think you can clearly tell by listening to the new material that Megadeth's got new juice.

DAVE MUSTAINE: Yeah, it's funny, 'cause when meeting old friends in the industry, I thought we were in pretty bad shape after what happened with Risk. What I didn't realize, being very caught up in how people had reacted towards that album, was that a song like "Kill the King" was a terrific song to come back and say, you know what - "F**k you! We also proved that song wasn't a fluke by producing more like that. As you know now, regarding the new album, it's not like as if there are two heavy songs and then all ballads. There's one ballad, and it's very intense in concept. It's about prejudiced relationships, a Catholic and a Protestant that can never be together in Ireland. It could be a metaphor to interracial marriages, it could be about same sex marriages - it could be about a guy and a sheep for all I care. It just means that if we can't be together in this life, maybe we'll make it in the next.

The rest of the stuff is very heavy. There are riffs that are so fast that it's something people haven't heard in a long time. We got "Return to Hangar 18", we got some of the stuff that you got to hear when you were in the studio with us.

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