MESHUGGAH Interview with Marten Hagstrom Page 6
By Greg Nalbandian

SW: Which bands on the tour are you most in tune with musically?
MH: Well, there's not that many bands that sound the way we do. There are a lot of new metal bands. I mean, hardcore/nu-metal and more ordinary rock bands. I've seen every band on this tour, and I would say the bands that have interested me the most are Otep because of the fact that I think they're rocking out and they're very metal, and I like their drummer and their singer. I think she's really cool and has good output. And I really admire System of A Down. I think they're very original. They're this band who just walks up there and does their shit as freaky as it might be and don't give a shit. And, they get away with it. So, I really admire their vision.

SW: Which band on the Ozzfest do you think has really caught on to your band?
MH: Uh, System (of A Down), Black Label (Society), Otep, Flaw, Hatebreed....I don't know, a lot of bands have come up to us. Mushroomhead. I like Mushroomhead too. I think they're really fun to watch. We get along really well. They're really super nice guys. I think we've gotten a lot of respect on this tour. I don't know why but, we've gotten a lot of respect. It's one thing, people walking up to you and saying, "I like your shit." You know, it's easy to say but, you wouldn't necessarily mean it. But, everyday on stage there's a bunch of people just standin' around and I'm like, "Dude, what are you doin' here for like the fifth time in a row? Give us a break." So we're ecstatic about the fact that we're a Swedish band comin' from pretty much nowhere, and comin' over to the United States and having so many bands catching on to what we're doin'. I love that. We've got all of our buses parked backstage and everybody's got camping tents and chairs and shit and everybody just hangs out. Sometimes we break the instruments out and jam and everybody gets drunk. And it's just very laid back and nice atmosphere. Everybody's respecting everybody and we're just having a blast.

SW: Do you still get nervous when you get up on stage?
MH: Yeah, in a way. Nervous is perhaps not quite the right word. Nervous to me spells out that you're not really wanting to do something. You're hesitant. But, we are always psyched to be on stage. But, you feel the butterflies, yeah. When your banner comes up and people start screamin' feel the rush. So, you never get away from that. The day I stand backstage five minutes before the show and I don't even feel a tingle in my stomach, I'm gonna quit. And I'll tell you why, 'cause then I couldn't give the crowd what they want. That sucks. So you have to have the passion for it and you have to feel that exhilaration and that adrenaline rush.

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