MSG Interview Page 3
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: Many people assumed the "Be Aware of Scorpions" title had a double-meaning, referring to some kind of rivalry Michael may have had with his ex-band The Scorpions-any truth to that?
Chris: The title came about when we were doing the photo session for that CD. The photographer was in the yard at Michael's house in the desert and she said something like, "you better beware of any scorpions that are out here."

SW: Something interesting I read in the Aerosmith autobiography. According to that book, Michael Schenker auditioned for Aerosmith after Joe Perry left the band. I guess this was just after Michael left The Scorpions during the "Love Drive" sessions, apparently David Krebbs was managing both artists and tried to join them together, but they obviously didn't mesh. It would have been interesting if it had worked out.
Rev: Maybe it would have worked out well! [Jokingly referring to both artists toxic addiction at the time].

SW: So, what about the next record, any release plans?
Chris: Mike Varney has got plans for a 25th anniversary album, which we hope to finish by the end of this year.
Rev: It will be with different guests, kind of a concept album. There's been talk that we're gonna start a new MSG album with this line-up early next year. So we should have too albums in the beginning of '05.

SW: Regarding this MSG 25th anniversary record, are there any confirmed musicians/vocalists you have lined up?
Wayne: He's trying to get each of the old MSG vocalists throughout the years to record a song or two. In fact, Robin McAully came out to our show in LA the other night at the House Of Blues.

SW: What about Japan? Any tour plans? Has Michael squared things out with UDO [Japan's biggest music promoter]?
Pete: We're waiting to go back to Japan. There we're problems in the past but we recently went back and made amends. I'm not positive about the situation, I can't really speak for Michael.

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