MSG Interview Page 4
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: Have you guys had the chance to hang with Uli Roth?
Wayne: A little bit. He's such a cool guy, so down to earth. And such an amazing guitar player to watch!

SW: Anything else you guys would like to add or plug?
Rev: I just wanted to tell you about a month ago I was hanging out with Warrant, Joey is one of my friends, and now they have Jamie St. James [ex-Black'n'Blue] singing for them. So, I'm hanging out with them during sound check and their bass player didn't show up so I got to jam with them during their sound check. But I told them I wouldn't play "Cherry Pie" so we played "Armed & Ready" instead. My day in the spotlight with Warrant, and we played an MSG song, thank you very much.

SW: So why are you telling me this? Was this like your claim to fame? [Laughs] While we're on that topic, what about you, Wayne, what was your big moment in the spotlight?
Wayne: Well, I've got a sound check story as well I got to sit in with Thin Lizzy when we played with them and Glenn Hughes in Europe. Their keyboardist and bassist were MIA so they asked if I, and Barry Sparks [then MSG bassist] wanted to sit in during sound check.

SW: Was that with Tommy Aldridge on drums?
Wayne: Yeah, Tommy, Scott Gorham, John Sykes.

SW: What about you, Pete?
Pete: Well, I don't know if it's my 'claim to fame'
Rev: Wait I thought we were talking about 'claim to not-fame'. My claim to fame was touring with Fuel earlier this year, ha! I had twenty-one year-old girls throwing stuff at me onstage!

SW: What, like panties?
Rev: Panties, beer bottles, whatever-they just wanted me to move out of the way so they can see the drummer!
Pete: Just a couple years ago I did some recordings with Ian Gillan for one of his records, and that was great. This was actually in the late '90s I believe, and I'm not sure what came out of that since he is now back touring with Purple.

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