MSG Interview Page 5
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: That's very cool! So, this was after "Toolbox" [Gillan's last solo effort] right? Who else was performing on these recordings?
Pete: It was Mark Behn, the old bass player from Malice, and Tommy Thayer [Black'n'Blue, Kiss] was playing guitar.

SW: So do you still keep in touch with Tommy [Thayer] since he's been touring with Kiss.
Pete: Yeah, he actually came out to our show last night. A lot of people came out to our show in LA Steve Perkins from Jane's Addiction, Warren D. Martini, Robin McAully
Rev: Chris Holmes-everybody you would expect to see at a show in LA. And Paul Shortino opened up for us. Usually all these guys would have their arms crossed thinking they're 'too cool', but not at a Michael Schenker show-they were all watching in awe!
Chris: It was probably one of the best responses we've had from an LA show.

SW: So, last but not least, Chris, tell us all your moment in the spotlight.
Chris: My claim to not-fame is I just recorded a song for a Sigourney Weaver/Jeff Daniels film called "Imaginary Heroes", it's coming out I believe the 17th of December and is a re-make of the Black Sabbath tune "It's Alright".

SW: You're joking, no? The song that Bill Ward sings on?
Chris: That's the one. Nobody's ever heard of it except the hardcore Black Sabbath fans.

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