MSG Interview Page 6
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: Believe it or not, Black Sabbath actually did a promo video for that song, which is funny, since that was one of the very few promo videos Black Sabbath actually shot in the early days [they also did a promo video of "Rock & Roll Doctor" from that same album, Technical Ecstasy]. Funny, since I recently interviewed Bill Ward and we were talking about that song. Why that song for the movie and how did that come about?
Chris: The producers just wanted that song for the movie. It's not a big production or anything, they tried out several singers and apparently they had this guy they settled on but he wasn't able to make it out for the recording so I got the call and did it, and they liked it.
Pete: When you interviewed Bill Ward, did he say that was the only song he sang with Sabbath? Did he sing on "Solitude"?

SW: No, apparently that is Ozzy singing on that song [although it sounds nothing like Ozzy]. The one other song Bill sang on was "Swinging the Chains". So, any last comments?
Pete: If you're in the vicinity, come to the shows, it's a great package with Uli Roth together with MSG. And check out the new MSG live DVD!