DAVE MUSTAINE Interview Page 5
By Bob Nalbandian

BN: Let's talk about the concept behind The System Has Failed, from the lyrics to the album cover with (what looks like) Vic the Rattlehead handing money to President Bush.
DM: He's not handing money to Bush, he's taking money from these guys and Bush is not giving him money, he's pointing the finger at him saying "what are you doing". Everyone else is buying these 'passes' to get out of jail free. On the side of the board, where Vic is standing, there's a list of different charges for the "unholy" Ten Commandments. What he's done was turned each one negatively and you can buy that to go into court and get out of court. In the song, "Kick The Chair", it says "justice means nothing today now that the courts are for sale." So Vic is just basically selling off all this stuff. The billboard on the back cover says "jurors sale 50% off". You got that guy from, I think it was Adelphia, who stole 3 billion dollars worth of investors money and one of the jurors wouldn't convict him because they'd found out whom her family was.

BN: You just shot a video for the track "Die Dead Enough," tell us about that...
DM: Well, I was walking with Pam [Dave's wife] in Ocean City, New Jersey and we talked about being in a silo in an underground area with a bunch of monitors looking back on my career. And I just wrote it out and sent the treatment over to the director Thomas Minion and we went back and forth with a couple different edits and came up with the final version.

BN: You mention this is going to be the last album and tour for Megadeth...is there going to be a special DVD with perhaps a couple other videos or performances from the new record and tour?
DM: I'm not sure, I think the label wants to do one more video from this record. The record has, I believe, a couple very strong potential singles. I also don't want Sanctuary to feel obligated to do anything more than that because they were left in a very negative situation when Megadeth broke-up since, obviously, they would have been able to create more sales if the band were to continue touring. Also, there was some really under-handed stuff that was done prior to the band breaking up by some people who were working with the group. They had gone to the label and took a bunch of money from them so we were left at a serious deficit. If they want to do another video then I would be thrilled to do that. I want to be as good to them as possible because they have my next three solo records.

BN: Just prior to your arm injury, didn't you sign something like a ten album deal with Sanctuary?
DM: I think it was five Megadeth records and my three solo records.

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