By John Thibault

Shockwaves: Speaking of cover tunes, I really dug your rendition last night of U2's "Bullet The Blue Sky." Geoff does a great Bono! I did, however, find it a bit odd that you closed the show with a new song, "Burning Man." Is that song about the Burning Man in the desert? Did you guys go?

Wilton: Geoff did. It's about his experience out there. You get into the music and it's really tribal. It just goes from part to part to part. It doesn't make any sense. It's going to catch on.

Shockwaves: What are you guys doing for Y2K?

Rockenfield: Staying home.

Wilton: I'm going to get drunk and pass out in my front yard. We're ready.

Shockwaves: You think you'll ever do another concept album, like "Mindcrime"?

Rockenfield: We're like sponges. We're ready to squeeze the sponge soon.

Wilton: There's a good chemistry right now so there's a lot of ideas. We're not going to have this huge amount of time between releases now.

Rockenfield: Anything's possible.

Shockwaves: With a new member it's like having a whole new band.

Wilton: New member, new label, new management, new accountants, everything.

Shockwaves: I have a question. You've probably been asked this a thousand times, but what's the symbol?

Wilton: From hell.

Rockenfield: It's been around since our EP and it's become our Playboy bunny. You know how the Playboy bunny always appears on the cover of Playboy somewhere? It always did, and now it's become the foreground.

Wilton: It's like some Germanic font, or something. Now everyone has it as a tattoo.