RORSCHACH TEST Interview Page 2
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: How old were you when this happened? And how did your family react to this?

JB: I was 20 years old. My family, at first, was extremely disappointed, but 5 years down the road; they have come full circle and are more on my side.

SW: Your musical partner, Troee, also grew up in a similar environment...

JB: Troee's dad is a minister. But he's not in the same category as I am-being a victim of organized religion. His family is really cool. He definitely understands where I'm coming from, which is important as co-songwriters.

SW: Is Rorschach Test primarily just you and Troee?

JB: Troee and I write all the songs together, then we bring in musicians for the studio and musicians for the road. We're very fortunate to have Jason Kowalski (drums) and Chris Cannella, both from the amazing band N17, who are going out on the road with us. And we have Jeff Loomis, from the band Nevermore, on guitar, who also played on the record. We also have a second guitarist who'll be touring with us. He goes by A-tron; his real name is Aaron Slip. He used to play with Tad.

SW: Is the band originally from Seattle?

JB: We're originally from Denver, Colorado. We moved to Seattle seven years ago, just as the grunge scene was ending. This is my first and only band; we've been going since 1990.

SW: Growing up in a church environment until the age of 20, I'm sure you weren't exposed to hard rock/metal music. So, it's safe to say you never really had any early musical influences growing up (apart from Hank Williams!)?

JB: That's not necessarily true because we used to have these guys who came to our church twice year. They would bring out all these rock records and tell us how evil they were. But believe me, they made more rock fans that way! So, I did sneak around and listen to this music. I was incredibly musical growing up.

SW: What were some of the first rock concerts you attended?

JB: Soon after I was thrown out of the church, I was privileged to see Ministry.

SW: I do hear a lot of Ministry influence in Rorschach Test's music...

JB: And I don't deny it or hide from it at all. I am a huge Ministry fan. I think what they have done for music is great and they are the single biggest influence on my writing style.

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