RORSCHACH TEST Interview Page 4
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: Speaking of the whole Napster lawsuit with Metallica...I actually saw Metallica in the clubs long before Kill 'Em All had been released. Metallica initially got their huge following primarily due to tape trading. What's so ironic is the fact that this is a band that encouraged their fans to bootleg their concerts. And now they are doing this complete turnaround!

JB: I think it's completely wrong. They should be happy that there are so many people into them. There's a business aspect and I understand how those people can get upset, but those people aren't in relation with the fans, and being a fan-based band like Metallica, they should understand. And they did understand at one point that's why I don't understand what they're doing now.

SW: I think the major labels are also to blame, they are so threatened by the Internet. I'm sure they have a lot of influence on their artists as well. Also, consider the fact that Metallica's current situation with Elektra allows them one of the highest royalty percentages of any major label band. But what I find incredibly ironic is that major labels are claiming that downloading of music will lead to bootlegging. The fact is, if you own a CD burner, which many people do, you can burn any CDs, including major label CDs you purchase from the store. So, a fan can burn 100 copies of Metallica CDs to either sell or give away just as easily (and as quickly) as downloading their music! So, the record companies (and Metallica's) rebuttal on this whole downloading thing makes absolutely no sense.

JB: Absolutely, exactly...that's why I'm really happy about E-Magine's attitude and opinion about marketing - that it's okay to give away some songs to be downloaded. People are gonna still buy records so it's not gonna run record stores and record companies out of business.

SW: Let's talk about your upcoming summer tour...

JB: The tour is called "Bush & Gore 2000." It's about the hilarious notion that sex and violence in movies and music is what has caused our youth's demise. And I find it incredibly hilarious that the names of our two presidential candidates are synonymous with sex and violence: Bush & Gore. Let's face it...the presidency is a joke, a soap opera re-run. It's ridiculous, we got the son of our ex-president and Tippore Gore's husband running. There's not much registered voters can do there, but on a local level, you can change things in your environment. And if enough people get angry enough about the injustice in our system and vote, their congressmen are gonna start listening to them. That's why we have "Rock the Vote" involved in this tour. It looks like Bile is going out on tour with us. The tour starts on July 8th, and we'll keep touring up until the election.

SW: In the past, Rorschach Test has toured with a number of diverse artists such as Korn, Genitorturers, Type O Negative, and Queensryche...

JB: Genitorturers were a lot of fun. We toured with Korn before they broke so huge. We've been out with Carcass, Infectious Grooves, Queensryche...that was a fiasco! That was one of those mistakes you make, because the Queensryche crowd doesn't exactly get into our music! We just want to bring the music to our fans. They are what's most important in our lives. All this stuff about reality, it means nothing to me. What means the most to me is making souls that I connect with happy.