SCOTT IAN Interview
By Erik Fong

Mere months ago, Anthrax rose from industry hardships, put the finishing touches on some new songs and came for us all... with an album called We've Come For You All. And now they're in the middle of the fun part - touring the world with no sleep, no showers, and no f**king mercy.

While making his way through the popular summer vacation hotbed known as Hartford, Connecticut, Anthrax guitarist and thrash metal legend Scott Ian spoke with us and shared (almost) all his favorite stories of the past and present like an uncle with one arm and no legs describing the Vietnam War. Except you'll have to substitute army rations with seafood salad, the drill sergeant with S.O.D. frontman Billy Milano, Vietnamese prostitutes with 2 Unlimited, Danang with the Detroit venue Harpo's and grenades with hot dogs.

SHOCKWAVES: Where are you?
Scott Ian: Hartford. We don't play until later tonight, so we're just hanging out.

SW:Where have you hung out so far today? Are there any places that you made a point to visit?
SI: In Hartford!? [laughs]

SW: I've never been to Hartford. So I take it that it's not as rad as it sounds?
SI: No, not at all. I had coffee, that's about it. And I'm looking for a place to buy Lord of the Rings on DVD. That's my day in Hartford.

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