SCOTT IAN Interview Page 2
By Erik Fong

SW: You recently played in Detroit at a venue called Harpo's - and your hatred of the club is no secret. What exactly is it about that place that's so bad?
SI: It's in the worst neighborhood in Detroit, which is saying a lot for Detroit. We have friends there who are cops and they say that district has the highest violent crime rate per capita in the nation. And then the venue itself - the facility is terrible. The PA, the monitor and the lights are all terrible; it's big and dark and damp and shitty. It used to be a great place to play in the '80s, but people have gotten shot and stabbed outside, and they had problems for years with skinheads coming to shows and beating people up. It's really become a place where people don't want to go see a show. Would you want to pay $20 to see a show at a place where your life is in danger, and the band's going to sound like shit on top of it? It's just not a place where anybody should ever have to go.

SW: So it's a slightly below average venue. Noted. We've Come For You All has been out for several months now. What's some of the more memorable feedback you've gotten on the album so far?
SI: I don't know. I can say that across the board, whether it's been in the metal or mainstream press, or even in the local music papers, no one's had anything bad to say. I haven't read one negative thing about the record. It makes me feel really good to know that people like the record, but I've never been one to believe that you can please everybody. And so far it seems like we have.

SW: That is surprising, especially since the metal crowd tends to bitch a lot - you didn't stay true to this, you didn't stay true to that...
SI: Yeah. I think the people who would say something like that about the record probably don't even listen to us anymore. Those are the people stuck in the '80s and still listening to State of Euphoria.

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