SCOTT IAN Interview Page 4
By Erik Fong

SW: What's the most embarrassing alcohol-induced incident that you don't remember being a part of?
SI: I don't black out. I always remember - good or bad - what happened the night before. And the worst ever was when I broke into Legends Field down in Tampa and ran the bases and got arrested. So that's the worst thing by far.

SW: That's a great story though. And nobody got hurt.
SI: Well, I did. Financially. [laughs]

SW: What's the worst day job you've ever had?
SI: I worked at a fish store in a shopping center across the street from where my mom and I lived. I would come in around 5:30pm, around the end of the day, and I would clean up until about 8pm. That was, hands down, the worst job I've ever had. I was surrounded by fish guts for three and a half hours. f**king horrible. The only positive thing about it was that at this store, they prepared dishes that you could just take home and throw in the oven, so I was always allowed to take things home. So at least I could go home with some really rad Shrimp Parmesan or something every day. But three hours of fish guts for minimum wage - it wasn't a happy place.

SW: The press tends to focus on all the cutthroat things that [S.O.D. frontman] Billy Milano has to say, but what's the nicest thing that the guy has ever done for you?
SI: Deep down, Billy's one of my best friends in the whole world. He's like a brother to me. That's why after all is said and done, I'll always love the guy, and I know it's vice versa. I know I would take a bullet for him, and I'm pretty sure he would do the same for me. The guy's got a heart of gold, it's just that he doesn't process sometimes before he yells at you. [laughs]

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