SCOTT IAN Interview Page 5
By Erik Fong

SW: You've mentioned that you've got hours of drunk [Anthrax guitarist] Rob [Caggiano] footage. What's your favorite drunk Rob story?
SI: I think people are just going to have to wait for the DVD. I don't want to give too much away. Actually - here's my favorite story, this one isn't part of the footage. During his first tour with the band when we were opening for Judas Priest, we'd just played the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles and we had the next day off. I went home, and had to come back the next morning to get to the bus to drive to Denver. So we're all standing there, but Rob's the only one who's not on the bus. We knew he'd gone out the night before with some of our friends - he shows up late, he comes running on the bus and tells us he just got out of jail. It turns out that he, John Tempesta [ex-Testament, Rob Zombie] and another friend of ours named Dante had gone to a club and got shitfaced, and they ended up in a taxi where Rob got in a fight. The driver didn't want him eating in the car, so Rob threw his hot dog at the driver. The driver stopped, and they all got out and ran. The driver called the cops and they got arrested and thrown in jail for assault with a hot dog. And stupidly enough, when it seems no one got hurt - Rob did. For a stupid thing like that, it ends up costing a lot of money just to get out of it.

SW: You should include a dramatic reenactment of that in your DVD. Have you ever gotten laid while listening to your own music?
SI: Yes.

SW: Tell me about it.
SI: No.