SOILWORK Interview Page 4
By Bob Nalbandian

SW: So, what's next after OZZFEST?
Bjorn: We're gonna have a three week break then were gonna do a headlining European tour and it looks as though we will be returning to the States in November.

SW: You mention Iron Maiden was a huge influence on you growing up. How does it feel now to actually be touring with Maiden?
Bjorn: It's really sick. It's hard to believe, especially being onstage and watching Iron Maiden...I sometimes have to hit myself in the head...I'm standing here watching Iron Maiden, the band that opened up the doors for me as metal fan - it's really amazing!

SW: So, who would be your dream band to tour with now that you've toured with Maiden?
Bjorn: I would really like to tour with Judas Priest. InFlames has toured with Priest in Europe so hopefully it can happen for us.

SW: Lastly, Soilwork's tone, in particular the guitar tone is so rich and thick. What kind of gear do you use onstage and in the studio and do you have your amps modified or anything to get that great guitar tone?
Bjorn: Yeah, we have Crankenstein, which sounds really good and it's the best amp we've been using so far. We used Mesa Boogie triple rectifier in the recording studio. They have a great sound and we have a very good sound guy so I think we have a really good sound in concert as well as in the studio.