SOLACE Interview
By Erik Fong

It only took two years, but rockers Solace have released an album to which you can proudly get stoned and/or laid. Happily titled "13," the band's crushing sophomore release includes covers of Agnostic Front's "With Time" and Pentagram's "Forever My Queen," as well as a guest spot from doom metal icon Wino (Spirit Caravan, The Obsessed).

We spoke with Solace guitarist Tommy Southard from his home in the most boring town in New Jersey. Little-known fun fact that we learned in this interview: He has the cheeriest day job that you could possibly imagine.

Shockwaves: Your bio says the album title, "13," was inspired by the "trials and tribulations" that you experienced during the recording process. Do you have any good, disastrous stories that you'd like to share?
Tommy Southard: Well, there are no good stories when you talk about things falling apart. The reality is we had a lot of internal problems within the band. It's been a struggle to pull this thing together. With everything that we went through, I wanted to tie in the weird goings on and all the troubles that we had putting this together. That's why we went with "13." It's an odd, "bad luck" number. And of course, we have 13 songs on the album.

SW: Did you ever have fears about not being able to keep the band together?
TS: Oh, without a doubt. There were times where we didn't even know if the album was going to be released. We didn't know if we could get everyone on the same page at the same time to get this going. To actually finish it and get it out and have such a good response, we're thankful, because we didn't even know if it was going to see the light of day. I couldn't be happier with the way the album came out.

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