SOLACE Interview Page 3
By Erik Fong

SW: What's the nicest compliment you've ever received?
TS: I don't know if it's so unique, but whenever anyone says that they compare my playing to Tony Iommi. I can't help but getting excited, because that's the guy that I grew up loving. I don't necessarily see it, but when people say it I just think it's awesome.

SW: Do you have any other music that we can expect from you in the future?
TS: Yeah, I've got this other side project called Robot Dicks.

SW: Finish this sentence: The most boring town in the world is...
TS: The town that I live in. [laughs] I live in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, and believe me, there's nothing going on here. I get up, I do my 8 hours of work, I drive home and take care of my kids. There's no rock n' roll excitement going here.

SW: As in, big fat robot cock?
TS: Uh, yeah, kind of. [laughs] It's an off-shoot of what Solace is doing, with a bit more punk rock. The name has to do with me and my bandmate, Quinn - we both work for the same company and it's a real corporate type place. We were sitting around one day talking about what a couple of robots we were, how we had to do this and this and this and that. And we said, we're just a couple of robot dicks, we're these corporate f**ks who do what these people want us to do. We're just robot dicks, man.

SW: What's your day job?
TS: It's pretty bizarre. I work with dead people. I work for a medical company that takes donated bones and grinds them up into powder, and mixes them up into "potions," if you will. They use them for implants and people who have bone voids. Like if they have bone cancer, they use it as spackle to help mend their bones. It's pretty wild.

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