SOLACE Interview Page 4
By Erik Fong

SW: That's the coolest thing I've ever heard.
TS: I never in a million years would've thought it would come to the point where I actually handled human bones. I'm an inventory guy, so I bring up the bones from the basement to the guys who are upstairs working on the bones. So they take the bones, grind them and shave them, and make them into components.

SW: So it's like forming puzzle pieces.
TS: Absolutely. If someone needs something to fix their spine or their femur, they'll take a bone that's cut to the same dimensions and insert it into their body.

SW: Wow. What's the most vulgar thing that you've seen on the job?
TS: When you first walk in to the building, you can see where people are working. They have to de-flesh all the bone, and they do it with a wire wheel. So they've got this leg bone and they're de-fleshing it with a wire wheel. And this wheel has a hood on it where all the "meat" catches onto it. So all this human meat is bloody and it's all collecting on this hood. [laughs]

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