SUPERSHINE-Interview with guitarist Bruce Franklin
By Bob Nalbandian

Supershine is the new "supergroup" that features guitarist Bruce Franklin and drummer Jeff Olsen from doom metal masters Trouble, and King's X bassist/vocalist Doug Pinnick. (King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill also is featured on the disc). The band's newly released self-titled Metal Blade debut is a brilliant combination of classic-era '70s metal ala Sabbath, Zeppelin, Grand Funk (In fact; they do a brilliant rendition of "Shine On"), with obvious traces of both King's X and Trouble. I recently had a short phone conversation with metal riff-meister Bruce Franklin, as we spoke about the new Supershine project and Trouble.

SW: According to your bio, Supershine was originally just a project between you and Jeff did Doug Pinnick come into the fold?

Bruce: It began as just me writing songs as a solo artist and Jeff was helping me out recording stuff. At the time, I didn't know what I was gonna do about a singer, and I've known Doug for years and I always loved his singing. Someone convinced me that I should ask Doug to sing on this project, so I did. And it worked out!

SW: Has Trouble officially disbanded? I remember you did your second album for (Def) American and I hadn't heard from the band since...

Bruce: We actually did one last record that came out on Century Media (called "Plastic Green Head"???) and then the band just kind of dissolved. Since then we've done like one show a year, with another singer. It's just like a one-off thing, so Trouble really isn't together anymore.

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