By Bob Nalbandian

SW: What happened to Eric (the original Trouble singer)??

Bruce: I still talk with him, he lives about 30 miles from me. I actually quit the band, and that's when the band pretty much dissolved. About a year or two later, the rest of the band asked me if I'd like to do Trouble with a different singer, and I replied, 'yeah, maybe." So we ended up doing a few shows with a new singer. In the meantime, Eric did a solo record-a project called Lid.

SW: Are there any plans for Supershine to tour?

Bruce: At this point, nothing yet. Of course, King's X comes first for Doug. He's also busy finishing up his second Pound Hound record. I guess we'll just see how the interest is on Supershine-so far it's been great! I'd love to do a couple showcase shows like in New York and Los Angeles. If things work out schedule-wise, I'd love to tour with the band!

SW: The riffs you play on this album are so incredibly heavy, and catchy! And Doug's voice sounds phenomenal-he really belts out his vocals with power and balls on this record, which I really didn't feel was prevalent on the last couple King's X records. The two of you together really make an awesome team!

Bruce: I like to think so as well. I really love Doug's singing. Yeah, I think his approach has been a little mellower on the last couple King's X records. I definitely pushed for him to sing with balls on this record!

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