DEE SNIDER Interview Page 3
by Bob Nalbandian

SW: During that time, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal was really starting to break out big in England, and Twisted Sister may not have fit in with the look-which was way too glam for that scene-but you fit right in with the sound!

Dee: When we went over there to perform for the first time, we had a lot of hype in Kerrang! but no one had ever heard us. And our very first show ever was at Rexem Football Stadium, opening for Motorhead at a huge festival. Motorhead was the headliner, Budgie was second on the bill, and we were special guests. And below us were like five other bands who all had records out. We had no record. So, what happened was, Budgie ends up canceling and we wind up second on the bill! Now, Motorhead's would rather f**k one of the guys than a chick in that audience! It's the ugliest group of people you've ever seen. And we're going on for the first time ever in broad daylight! We had a song called "What You Don't Know Sure Can Hurt You" which was designed to be back-lit for the first third of the song. The idea was that we would perform it before you could see what we looked like, so you could pass judgment. And the guys backstage were shitting a brick...And, I'm shitting a brick! Now, at that time in England, any band who wore make-up were dead in the water...I remember that band Girl [the early '80s British glam-rock band that featured Phil Lewis and Phil Collen] got bottled off the stage because they wore make-up. Anvil had been re-named 'Cavil' because Lips had a dildo and long-sleeve gloves on. So, we're going... 'Oh my God! We got this biker audience, and we're gonna die!'. And, my guys are like, 'Maybe we shouldn't wear make-up and the costumes this time,' and I'm like, 'Look guys..I'm as scared as you, but we've been doing this for seven f**kin' years and I'm not stopping now!' Some of the guys even wore their denim vests to cover up their costumes. And...I will love this guy forever-Lemmy Kilmister. Because Pete Way, who I also love, went to Lemmy and said 'these guys are good guys, watch out for them'. So, Lemmy, who sees us soiling ourselves in the back room, comes over to us and says, 'I'll introduce you'. So, we're walking out onstage in broad daylight, at this football stadium of Motorhead fans...and they have their arms cocked with the bottles ready to go. And then Lemmy steps out, and everyone in the audience just freeze....because Lemmy is like God over there. So, the fans felt that they would at least give us a minute to prove ourselves, and in that minute they were like 'Wo!' Our slogan was always 'look like women, talk like men, and play like mother-f**kers!' And we were not your typical glam band...we were like football players and bikers wearing make-up. And that show would have been the end of us or launched the start of us. And the ovation that we got at that show...ten minutes after we got off stage, in the locker room, and through the cement walls, you can hear 'Twisted Sister! Twisted Sister!' And I had heard from someone at our management company [TS and Motorhead shared the same management organization at the time] say that he overheard Lemmy say, 'this is the first time I've ever been afraid to go on after a band'. And Lemmy walks in and says to me, ' I introduced you, now you introduce me!' And I am like f**kin' 'Wow!' So, I go onstage, the place goes wild, and I introduce Motorhead and I stand side stage banging my head like a f**kin' lunatic! Lemmy dedicates the song "America" to me...I'm getting chills right now just talking about this! This was like one of the greatest days of my life. That launched Twisted in England, which then launched Twisted internationally. I think it would have been a very different story if Lemmy hadn't introduced us. And the rest is history.

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