DEE SNIDER Interview Page 5
by Bob Nalbandian

SW: So, we shouldn't expect a Twisted Sister "reunion" tour in support of this record, or anytime soon?

Dee: Absolutely not. There's no tour plans, no reunion, no new album...nothing. We spoke about it and felt, under the right circumstances, it would be great to do a reunion. But we also understand what these reunions are all about...which my peers DO NOT get. All my peers think it's like Jake and Elwood [the Blues Brothers]. It's's nostalgia! Do what KISS did on the first [reunion] tour...but they got caught up in it too. You can have a great time, you can make a lot of money, it can all be wonderful...but know what it is! We've said, when the time comes, we want to do the full-on show with make-up, costumes, hair...give the people a slice of 1984. But now, with my radio show and movies-I'm doin a sequel to Strangeland and we'll start filming this March-that's gonna be taking up all my time. Jay Jay's got Sevendust, who are doing very well right now and they're smack in the middle of touring, so I don't see it happening anywhere in the near future.

SW: As you mentioned, Jay Jay manages Sevendust...Is management, or producing other rock acts something you ever want to get involved in?

Dee: No, that was never my thing. I tested the waters on producing a record, but I'm more of a creative guy...I can't get into minute details. I've toyed with managing for a slight time. I had a partnership with my brother, who is more of a business guy. But that really wasn't for me either. Radio...movies...and a few other things that are behind the scenes, which I won't get into. Let's just say some of your biggest pop songs are being written by some of the most interesting people [we'll take that as a hint, Dee]. You know, Desmond Child wrote Ricky Martin's 'Livin' LaVida Loca'. Anyway, I'm just trying to focus more and do less. Economically, I'm at a great place and I'm kicking ass on every level, so I'm not really looking to open things wider.

SW: What about prior to Twisted Sister...Were you been in other bands? And how did you hook up with the Twisted guys?

Dee: I had been playing in bands since I was in the 3rd grade, but nothing of any notoriety. I always wanted to be a rock star as a kid. The guys in Twisted were outcasts from other bands, and I was a classically trained counter-tenor. It wasn't that I couldn't sing better, this is what I enjoyed-singing in Twisted Sister. Everyone was just struggling along at that time. Jay Jay's closest brush was with Wicked Lester for a very short period. Mark "The Animal" Mendoza was the only one in any kind of touring band-he played bass for The Dictators. He left them and started to roadie for our band, he said that he'd rather be a roadie than work a regular job. And when our bass player left, he just stepped on stage and took over.

SW: Most of the songs from Club Daze were recorded at Media Sound Studios back in May of '78. Was that Twisted's first real studio experience?

Dee: Pretty much. We just went in, someone had seen us live and thought we had something so he set us up in the studio. The band played live and then I came in and did the vocal tracks, it was all done in one night. The tape actually ran out on us. It's great as a collectors piece...there's a few songs that hold up like "Come Back," but for the most part, it's a period piece. It more or less just gives the fans an idea of where we were at, our growth, and how we've progressed throughout the years.

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