By Bob Nalbandian

BN: In the '80s, German bands like Helloween and Bonfire toured America but never really made an impact like Accept.

UDO: In Europe, about two years ago, this kind of music was not that popular. But, especially this last year, this kind of music is coming back in a big way. There are so many metal festivals going on in Europe nowadays. The best countries for this kind of music are Scandinavia, Spain, and Germany.

BN: Are you still in contact with the other Accept members? Isn't Wolf living in Nashville?

UDO: Yes, and Peter Baltes in living in Philadelphia.

BN: There is still talk of Accept getting back together again.... Any truth to that?

UDO: No, there will definitely not be another reunion. Personally, we still talk to each other quite a bit. Wolf is busy doing his own guitar records and he is also really into photography. And I hear that Peter is working for TV stations and radio stations doing jingles and stuff like that.

BN: Is U.D.O. planning on doing a video single for this album, at least for the European market?

UDO: No. It is a waste of money to do a video, especially here in Europe. MTV Europe at the moment has a show called 'Superock' but they don't play anything really that heavy, only the bigger stuff like Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith, and as far as new bands, only stuff like Korn. Bands like U.D.O., Running Wild, Helloween, and Judas Priest...they don't have a chance. Viva has two channels, and Viva1 will sometimes show hard rock videos but not really heavy metal. So it is not worth it for us to do a video.

BN: You now have your own record label, Breaker, through Nuclear Blast...

UDO: I did a cooperation with Nuclear Blast, so they handle all the marketing, promotion and distribution, but I control everything. I'm very happy with Nuclear Blast, they're dong a very good job.

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