By Bob Nalbandian

BN: Nuclear Blast does very well with new metal bands, especially a lot of the German metal bands. I remember when the label started, it specialized in death and black metal, but now the label is doing great with traditional metal like Primal Fear, Sinner, Hammerfall, etc. All these bands are doing great in throughout Europe, and I think this new U.D.O. CD should do as well or better. Is "Holy" your first album through Breaker/Nuclear Blast?

UDO: Yes, but I have also signed my brother's band, which is pretty much in the same style of U.D.O. And he has a very similar voice as mine! The band is called Vanize.

BN: So, are you actually working as A&R, looking for new talent for your label?

UDO: Yes. I also have another unknown band from Germany called Trinity, and the bands Electric Lizards, Demon Drive, and, at the moment I'm in contact with two well-known bands. I hope to have these releases all out in the beginning of next year. I also have a band from Italy that is coming out in August. I really like to work with young metal bands.

BN: Most metal bands from Germany sing in English. Yet the band Rammstein sings in German, and they are one of the few German bands who have crossed over into America and internationally...

UDO: This is maybe, in a way, exotic for people outside Germany. But, they are so huge. For me, their first album was very interesting. When they came out with their second album, they became very popular, yet a lot of the magazines said 'it's not as good as their first album.' It will be very interesting to see what happens with their third album, we will see, But, I don't think they will stay around for 10 or 20 years, in a way it is more just a fashion, with all their big pyrotechnic shows.

BN: What inspired the album and song title, "Holy?"

UDO: The idea was that we had never changed our style of metal music. The idea of the lyrics was that this kind of music was 'holy' for us. The lyric in the song 'I'm so f**kin' holy' is somewhat ironic about myself...a lot of magazines say 'Udo is the living legend of metal.' So, in a way, metal is our religion, but, don't take it too seriously.