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By Diego Negrete

DIEGO: Well, Greg Leon Invasion was an incredible act live. You opened with 'I'm Leaving You.'

JOEY: Yeah, it was great. We recorded a four song demo. I was eighteen and in the studio recording. I was wide-eyed about it all. Armored Saint went on without me. They weren't gonna wait around. They got a bass player who was with them for awhile but they were never happy with him. They used to call me and say, 'this guy sucks, you gotta come down and blow this guy out!' A couple of times I would actually go down there and jam just for fun.

DIEGO: We were all just waiting for you to step in. Did you know all the songs?

JOEY: We played all the songs. At the time they only had 'No Reason To Live,' 'Stricken By Fate,' 'On the Way' and 'You're Never Alone.' Oh, and we did Sanctuary (Iron Maiden). That was the only five songs they knew. I actually have a recording of that session on cassette somewhere at home.

DIEGO: How does it sound?

JOEY: Doesn't sound too hot but the energy and vibe is totally there. It's so thick. I think we're gonna release some of that stuff next year. We're gonna put out a crazy CD of really weird stuff so people can freak out.

DIEGO: What about the song 'You Suck My Anal Dry?' (A lost recording of a classic Dave Prichard song. Very sick...and funny). Who's got that?

JOEY: (Beer coming out his nose) I think the Prichards' have it (laughing).

DIEGO: That's horrible. I can't picture Mrs. Prichard sitting in a chair with a pillow, thinking about her son Dave, listening to 'You Suck My Anal Dry!' I just can't! (We all love you Dave...see you soon!).

JOEY: God, that so funny! Such a great title.

DIEGO: Dave had this blue VW Rabbit and we used to get stoned and drive around South Pas after school. Dave would drive in reverse at 50 mph through his neighborhood freaking the shit out of us. He told us one day about the name. He said, all stoned, wearing his mirrored cop shades, 'hey man...wanna hear what the name of the band is gonna be?' We were like 'Yeah!!' all enthused like kids (hell, we were kids!). He goes...I'll never forget...... 'We're gonna call ourselves ARMORED SAINT.' His voice was like John f**king Wayne! He was looking at us through the rear view mirror like the f**kin' Road Warrior! We were stunned, like 'Wow!!' And then he drove us backwards again. We screamed for our lives!

JOEY: That's classic!

DIEGO: Now, let's talk about the first Armored Saint gig. It was Saint Paul Catholic High School in...God knows where. Armored Saint: Live At Lunch! Wow. What are your thoughts on that day. Didn't you run sound?

JOEY: I did run sound for them...that's funny! I was with them during their first shows kinda just hanging out. I was defiantly jealous about the magic they presented live. I was also there when they played South Pas High at lunch. It was the same feeling. From day one, the first Saint Paul gig I began to get really disgusted about where I was and what I was doing with Greg Leon. I wanted out. It took a while for Armored Saint to coax me. Finally in April of '82 I said to Greg, 'I'm not into it anymore...I'm gonna join Armored Saint.' He was f**kin' pissed.

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