BILL WARD Interview Page 2
By Bob Nalbandian and Mark Miller

SW: On your first solo album, "Ward One," you wrote a song entitled "Bombers" (which Ozzy sang on). Was that a war-influenced song as well? And are there any similarities to that song and "Straws"?
BW: Actually, that was about being in a war internally with one's self. The character, which would have been Ozzy, is talking to his son, saying; "I'm in a war and I know it." So it's actually about an emotional war. But I use the reference, "Remember, bombers can open Bombay's" to add more thump to the statement.

SW: Who's producing this new record?
BW: I'm producing it, and I've got Barry Goldberg, who's an unbelievable engineer and producer. He's worked with tons of different people, and Peter R. Kelsey is also assisting me. Peter did all the pre-production, so he is involved as well.

SW: So, are you doing all the vocals on this album as well as the drums and percussion?
BW: Oh yeah. On this particular track ("Straws"), I did all the regular drumming. And the drummer in the Bill Ward Band did the percussion on this track. I did some percussion as well, and I did the vocals, piano and keyboards.

SW: I've actually seen you perform live on the "When the Bough Breaks" tour, I believe it was at the Roxy here in LA, and the energy was unbelievable! Just seeing you playing drums and then upfront singing and playing was pretty amazing.
BW: Thank you.

SW: Let's talk about your, apart from your previous projects, this is actually the "Bill Ward Band," correct?
BW: Yes, this is a band. Actually, "When The Bough Breaks" was a band as well, but my first solo album ("Ward One") was a guest album. And, on that note, I'm making another guest album in about 2 years time. We're actually compiling the guests already.

SW: Can you tell us some of the guests that will appear?
BW: I've got several different drummers, I've got a guy named Walt Earl [who is also Bill's personal manager] who originally played with the Chamber Brothers and many other bands, I've invited a buddy of mine Chris, from Slipknot, to play drums. And many others I'm talking to.

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