BILL WARD Interview Page 3
By Bob Nalbandian and Mark Miller

SW: So, is The Bill Ward Band going to tour as well?
BW: Yes, we'll tour if we know we can sell some records. I tried to go out with no support on the last record, and we couldn't support the tour for too long.

SW: Is the material on this new album your working on similar to "When The Bough Breaks."
BW: It's changed. This album is a little raunchier and it's really got some hard-core issues. "When the Bough Breaks" was somewhat soft, But the new album, "Beyond Aston", will be rougher around the edges. I think I've gotten bolder and I think I've grown as a lyricist. I'm trying to be a bit more intelligent with my writing.

SW: So, do you have a label deal for this upcoming album or will you be shopping it for a deal?
BW: I know the kind of label I'd like to be with, I don't want a label that wants to change me or have someone write with me. I can write myself, and I can make records myself, so I don't need their money. I'd just like a label that would listen. I'm not seeking a whole lot of fame and fortune with this record.

SW: Many people don't know that you actually sang on, and wrote, a few Sabbath songs; like "Swinging The Chain" and "It's Alright"...
BW: Yes, that's true.

SW: The song "It's Alright," was that intended to be the first single off the "Technical Ecstasy" album? The label did a promo video for that song, which was very rare for Black Sabbath.
BW: No, I don't think so. I actually saw the video a couple years ago, and I never recalled seeing that video before. When I saw it I thought, "Wow, I don't ever remember doing that!"

SW: Many people have criticized that song saying that Black Sabbath was trying to capitalize on the success of Kiss's song Beth, which became a huge unexpected hit with drummer Peter Criss on lead vocals. I noticed the "It's Alright" was shot very similar to the "Beth" video. Was that Warner Bros. attempt to try to push that song on radio, considering Black Sabbath never had a radio hit?
BW: We never looked at it that way, I don't think. The guys liked the song and I was really shy about doing it, but the guys said, "let's put it on the album." So I was encouraged by the band to do that.

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