by Fredrik Hjelm

FH: If you look at your bestselling albums we've mentioned earlier, they feature the same members of the Rising Force band, particularly vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (who jumped on-stage with you in '02 to cover for Marc Boals) as well as my good friend and drummer Anders Johansson and his brother Jens on keyboards. In fact, Anders has a question he wanted me to ask you..."When is the original Rising Force re-union album going to happen?"

Yngwie: Well (laughing) I'm not exactly sure, but you never know and it would be a lot of fun! I only have good memories from those days and my time with the boys from back then! It's just not something that will happen right this minute, but I'm not ruling anything out. I think that would be a blast actually!

FH: Another brief question related to those days is about the life threatening car accident you survived in the mid 90's. Rumor has it that it was after returning from Midsommarafton (Swedish Viking holiday, Midsummer Night's Eve) at Vasaparken outside of Los Angeles. Rumor also had it that you would never play the guitar again and that you allegedly said "Ah, well. In that case I'll have to write poetry instead". Is that correct?

Yngwie: I think that may be accurate, actually. It sounds like something I could have said! But what really went through my head was that there wouldn't be a chance in hell that I wasn't going to play again. No way! I was going to recover no matter what. I had my mind dead set on that. If I live and breathe - I play, and that's the end of that. It was such a long time ago, though, like 22 years ago. But I knew I was going to come back, as I said. No one can be more stubborn than I, and if I set my mind on something like that - I will recover.

FH: You're that stubborn, huh? Sounds difficult being married to Yngwie!?

Yngwie: Well, my wife would be the only person who'd be able to turn me around if anyone as far as anything else goes.

FH: All right! Let's talk about the new album. Who and what inspired you when you wrote the material? Beside yourself, of course!

Yngwie: That's actually a very interesting story since it was created in a whole different way than many of my other albums. In the beginning, I had a bunch of songs just lying around that I liked a lot. I have two studios at my house, so I just go in there and record whenever I'm in the mood for it, that's how I put new material together. And I would like to point out that it is not a home studio, it's all state-of-the-art equipment and top-of-the-line stuff there. So, one day I got together with the drummer and we just started blasting out new stuff. We also went around the corner from my house where there is another studio with high ceilings and stuff, and I really got going there and all of a sudden we had a ton of material. I'm not quite sure how many songs I recorded, but there were plenty. And after that we just went on tour and when I got home I listened to the songs again and started selecting the best at the same time as the keyboard player who just got back from Moscow came along and started putting keyboards onto the material. After that, I briefly went to Istanbul and when I came back I started putting some strings onto some of the songs.