by Fredrik Hjelm

FH: So you soak up inspiration from all kinds of different places and corners of the world?

Yngwie: I just listen to the songs a little differently whenever I get back and add some different stuff every time. After we toured briefly in South America, I got back and realized I had to crank up the pace on certain tunes, for example. Tim (Owens) also added in his way and the first tune he recorded for the new album was "Live To Fight Another Day" and I didn't change anything there. The chemistry was right and everything worked out. On paper it should've worked and it did. After that, we did a few gigs in Germany and came back. So it was like that all the time and this is not very typical for how I finish an album, but one day it was all in place. It's just like that with the music though, when I write the lyrics - that's it. When I'm done, I'm done and don't change anything even when I change the music around.

FH: Speaking of lyrics, my new favorite tune on Perpetual Flame is "Capricio Del Diablo" and after having listened to songs like "Damnation Game" and "Death Dealer" it's not that hard to figure out why they are named the way they are. But "Capricio Del Diablo" - how do you come up with that name for an instrumental song?

Yngwie: Well, it means "The Devil's Capricio" and Paganini, for example, composed 24 Capricios and I decided to work on something really, really difficult and that was how I came up with the name "The Devil's Capricio." I created it in such complex kind of way that it ended up becoming like a Devil's Capricio.

FH: It sounds like you're happy with your new singer Ripper. Can we expect him on future Yngwie/Rising Force albums?

Yngwie: I think so!

FH: Another track off that album, "Magic City," you're handling the vocal duties. Can we expect you to sing on future albums?

Yngwie: Well, if it feels never know. I usually stand around and yell a little and if it turns out OK, I use it.

FH: Why don't you just sing yourself on all the songs and in that way rid yourself of the hassle of switching singers all the time?

Yngwie: Yeah, I know what you mean! But as far as singing most of my material goes, I need someone as good as Tim Owens to sing it because he just has what it takes to deliver in the kind of songs I write...opera-like and powerful. But Marc Boals and several of the other guys are good too, I sing more bluesy.

FH: You already toured Scandinavia with the new material. Can we expect you back anytime soon?

Yngwie: I think that'll be sometime next summer. South America and Japan are next!