By Fredrik Hjelm

FH: On the "All-music" website, it states that you were "a behavioral nightmare" and was the reason for your mother giving in to your dreams of becoming a guitar-hero when you were a kid.

YM: I don't get it. What's that supposed to mean?

FH: I honestly don't know, but I assumed you wanted to comment on that since it's on an official site where your biography is.

YM: Well, they write so much crap out there, it's unbelievable.

FH: In general, was it difficult to keep school and guitar-playing together as a kid?

YM: I always spent more time playing the guitar, always. Definitely.

FH: So, your mom eventually gave in to that?

YM: My mom was always very supportive of my guitar-playing, She was never like: "Hey what are you doing" or stuff like that. Always supportive.

FH: You were very young when you came to LA to join Steeler, and then later on Alcatrazz, only 19 years old. How was it, difficult?

YM: No, not at all. It was a lot of fun!

FH: After your first two records, "Rising Force" and "Marching Out", your musical direction took a different turn with the albums "Trilogy" and "Odyssey". Were you pushed in any particular direction by the record company?

YM: No, it wasn't the record company. It was me. I decided to go in a slightly different direction. At this point, I realize that it wasn't such a good idea, though.

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