By Fredrik Hjelm

FH: How come you've gone through so many singers in your career?

YM: Singers are impossible to deal with, that's why.

FH: Oh, really? Well, most bands don't switch singers the way you do!

YM: It's actually really simple to explain. 99.9% of the singers out there compose their own material, and they're the star. In my band, I create the material and I'm the star, and bottom line is; most singers can't deal with that.

FH: It's a clash between your egos then, so to say?

YM: No, not at all! It's a clash for them, not for me! They can't deal with the fact that they're not the star of the band.

FH: But most of the singers that have played in your band haven't succeeded very well after they left your band, correct?

YM: (Laughs) Well, you know - that situation is what it is!

FH: What about Sweden? Do you go back a lot, and when you do, do you stay for a while? Do you still spend Christmas and the classic Viking-holiday "Midsummer" there?

YM: Well it's usually all business whenever I go back. Concerts, interviews and such. When that's taken care of, I spend time with family and stuff like that. Florida is home to me these days.